When you work with Radio Media Group here’s what you sign up for:
  • A website layout that has been researched for optimum viewership. We use heat map technology to understand where a viewer’s eye lands on a web page – a very important concept. If you don’t engage a viewer very quickly you will lose them. Once lost it is exponentially more difficult to regain their interest.

  • A database-driven information input system that has been designed from the ground up with simplicity in mind. While adding a news website to your business plan will increase the workload for your staff we have designed the back-end for “ease of input” so your staff spends the bulk of their time developing the content – not inputting it. As the content is developed for the website it, in turn, provides more content for use on air – thereby increasing the localism all broadcasters strive for.

  • An advertising input system that allows you to statistically deliver an audience to your customers. Our adserver technology makes monetizing your website very easy. You’ll be able to maximize the revenue potential of each advertising space on your website. The adserver allows many different kinds of banner ads from simple layouts to complex “flash” design – even full video.

  • Ongoing statistical analysis of your site – both the site as a whole and specific ad zones. You’ll always know well your site is performing – what kinds of content spike viewership – and whether your overall viewership is trending upwards or down allowing for adjustments to content as needed.

  • Continued evolution of the website from ongoing research into what works and does not work on the front end (what viewers see) to ongoing refinement of how the data is inputted into the back end (what your staff sees). Our back end refinement is all based upon feedback from our clients.

  • Our system is not a “turn it on and walk away” proposition for Radio Media Group. We will always strive to improve the experience our clients have with their websites. As our client base grows Radio Media Group will use the power of the “group” to help develop new products and refine existing products to benefit all of our clients. What we develop for a client on the west coast could very well work for someone in the northeast. It is the power of a cooperative effort – it will help grow the web model for everyone. On an individual basis we can customize applications for one of our clients that may be unique to that market. If we can’t develop it we have many contacts to help us find a way to help you.

  • Ongoing consulting, as needed, to help your staff use the news delivery system. More importantly, ongoing consultation with your sales staff to fully understand how best to monetize the website without robbing revenue from your radio stations. Our website is designed to give you multiple ways to generate advertising revenue. The incremental growth that comes from this effort will compound over time and should, over time, add 8% to 12% growth to your bottom line. Keep in mind that growth in website viewership will directly impact growth in advertising sales.

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